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Lemon is your bridge to DeFi:
You can activate Lemon Earn and receive weekly crypto earnings through descentralized protocols

Dynamic crypto rates

Invest your tokens in DeFi and access dynamic crypto rates for the tokens you want to buy.

Weekly payments

Automatically receive crypto profits every Monday from the invested tokens.

Use your crypto whenever you want

Your invested cryptocurrencies are available for you to use or withdraw at any time.

How does
Lemon Earn work?

Lemon Earn is a feature where you can invest your tokens in DeFi protocols to generate weekly crypto profits.

You can activate it by selecting which crypto you want to invest from the list of “Uninvested Currencies”.

Afterwards, you can choose which DeFi protocol you prefer from those available.

Once you have read and accepted the terms and conditions you will be investing in the chosen cryptocurrency.

What tokens can I invest in Earn?

At the moment, the currencies available on Lemon Earn through the AAVE protocol are:


The decentralized protocol available for investment is:

  • USDT - Tether

  • USDC - USD Coin

  • DAI - DAI

  • MATIC - Polygon

  • AVAX - Avalanche

How to activate Lemon Earn from the app?

Lemon Earn is a feature that allows you to invest tokens in DeFi protocols and generate weekly crypto profits.
You activate it in:

With Lemon Earn you can use your invested crypto whenever you want. You can also deactivate the Lemon Earn feature for each available token at any time to stop receiving crypto earnings. You just have to enter:


Lemon Earn

Select token

Stop investing

What is a DeFi protocol?

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance, a term used to describe financial tools that are based on blockchain.

Decentralized protocols use smart contracts to guarantee the security and transparency of transactions carried out using blockchain.

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